Halfpints Children’s Collection

Follow the Adventures of the mischievous Baby Christian. The first tale revolves around the love of his Spoon.

Spoonmaster pg 3

This book is fantastic for early readers. It combines lessons of learning the alphabet, learning about different types of insects, and incorporates the use of shapes and lines to create the characters. From A-Z, children will be able to identify some common bugs and other creatures assumed as insects, they encounter. Along with each letter, there is are fun facts on every insect associated with their letter. In addition, all the insects were completely constructed out of basic shapes and lines. They are rearranged in unique ways to form all the characters in the Insects, Alphabet, Shapes & Lines Book. Insects, Alphabet, Shapes & Lines cover for kindle

The Little White Flower is a story about a flower who loves to eat junk food. She refuses to take in the proper nutrients she needs in order to grow healthy and strong. The other flowers around her try to tell her what foods she needs, but she ignores their advice and mocks them. After a period of time the little white flower becomes sick. It is here, that she needs to make a decision whether she wants to incorporate healthy foods into her life in order to be well.

Little White Flower cover


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