The Summer of Tsunami, Legacy: Book One

Tsunami Monroe is a colored woman, who gets sent to stay with family in the segregated town on Lexington, Virginia in the 1960’s.

Even though she is an introvert and desires to remain reclusive, her quiet demeanor attracts the attention of two white men in town, whom happen to be best friends. As Tsunami struggles to understand her own unresolved emotional issues, the tenacious Paul Morrison pursues an improbable romance with her. Amidst the social taboo of the time, jealousy and bigotry began to flourish. Paul’s best friend, William Baker, and the townspeople become aware of what has been developing between the two. Paul gets put to the absolute test when he has to reckon between his friend, his town and what he found the summer of Tsunami.

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The Flowers of May, Legacy: Book Two

William Baker was always accustomed to getting whatever he wanted. By force if not by free will. Though he struggles with understanding human connection; his childhood, colored, companion, May, is his only valued associate. Even when it appears that she has betrayed him, he is unable to distance himself from her for too long. As conflicts build for William, May is the only one he can turn to. He slowly starts to realize that she is his match, not only in the bed, but in life. When things ultimately go wrong, they finally uncover what they mean to one another. And May becomes aware that she, a colored girl, had always been the magic in his life.

The Flowers of May front cover


The Fall Of Margaret, Legacy: Book Three

Young ladies shouldn’t play with dark magic, or make deals they are incapable of keeping. Margaret thought she had gotten away with cheating death. Since her debt to the Baron Kriminel went unpaid, a much harsher fate gets put into place. Her world begins to unravel.

Haunted by the spirit of her beloved au pair, she participates in unspeakable acts. In a world of voodoo and superstition, Margaret Devereux Baker teeters on the line of losing her soul and her mind. A retribution of blood is the family’s legacy she sets into motion.






6 thoughts on “Books

  1. Musings IRJ says:

    Just finished The Summer of Tsunami, and OMG! I’m still in my feels…I’m telling everybody to read this book! Next, I’m going to tackle WIlliam’s story. I’m nervous…


  2. Genelle says:

    Thank you for sharing this incredible story with us. We NEED books like this in the IR BWWM romance genre. You have set the bar HIGH! Please give us some info/updates on the release of books 3 and 4 as well as anything 6th that you may have in the pipeline. I’m running out of nails to bite down as I’m waiting.


    • S. Campbell Williams says:

      I am so flattered by your generous compliments. I love this story, and the characters. I am hoping to have Book Three available by the end of the year, but I so want to give the first two stories the attention they deserve. I will be an author in attendance at the Big Easy Swirling event in New Orleans in September. And dare I say, I am even collaborating on a screenplay. I would love to see them come to life on screen! I am working diligently and really appreciate the support!


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